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How To Withdraw From Coinpot?
13 Dec 2021 Payments 3343 3

It's very easy to make a withdrawal from CoinPot and you get several options and many of the cryptocurrencies to withdraw to! Check out below steps to easily withdraw from your CoinPot account:

  • Go to Withdraw Page
  • From the forum select where you would like to withdraw such as Direct wallets, Faucetpay, expresscrypto, or (Screenshot-1)
  • Once you select the wallet you will have the option to select which coin you would like to withdraw such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, SHIB, DOGE, etc. Select which coin you prefer. (Screenshot-2)
  • Now you will be able to see the Fees, minimum withdrawal amount it totally depends on every type of withdrawal and every coin and payment method have different minimum cashout options.
  • Once you have chosen the coin and you have the minimum amount just add your wallet address/email address to withdraw your coins. Email address for COINEX and Faucetpay, Wallet address for all direct wallet withdrawals. EC-ID for all expresscrypto withdrawals.
  • Click Withdraw button after filling in the info and you will get a pop-up to double-check the info you have filled in once you are sure the info is correct just click the Confirm button. (Screenshot-3)
  • All done! Now, wait for the payment to be made according to the timeframe depending on the withdrawal method you chose!