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How To Withdraw From Coinpot to Coinex?
14 Dec 2021 Payments 645 1

Coinex is one of the best crypto exchanges out there owned by ViaBTC! Coinex supports all of the big and good projects and they have the lowest fees for most of the coins withdrawal and trading hence CoinPot supports Coinex! Withdrawals to Coinex via CoinPot are free and start at just $1. We support many of the great coins like SHIB, SAND, MANA, LUNA, and many more!

Simple steps to withdraw to Coinex: 

  • Signup at coinex by using our link:
  • Now go to CoinPot withdrawal page and choose Coinex as the withdrawal method.
  • Choose which coin you like to withdraw.
  • Now instead of wallet address just use the email address you used to signup at Coinex and amount you would like to withdraw.
  • All Done! Wait for our team to complete your withdrawal our Direct and Coinex Withdrawals are done within 72 hours.